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Hanz T

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I go by the name of Hanz T a young British Pakistani who has a passion for music I grew up listening to a lot of the old folk music since my childhood days. Well known names like Abrar ul haq, Arif Lohar, Alam Lohar, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Akram Rahi, Gurdas Maan and many more. Music inspires me because it is what I am passionate of and what my interests lay in. Moreover nowadays the generation and period we live in young people of my age and above believe that negative things such as drugs and violence will get you a name however I would like to change that and believe that music is a way of expressing that you don’t need to pick up a weapon to make a name, you have your own weapon which is your voice and I just admire to project it in a positive way.

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Hanz T is available to perform at any type of event including: Weddings, Parties, Melas, Festivals to name a few. Click the BOOK NOW button to enquire.

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