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Traders Application Form 2024

All supporting and requested information must be sent to


We are looking for a wide range of stalls and catering. However to ensure we provide a fair service across the event we will be ensuring only 2 stalls selling same products will be allowed. No ammendements to your application will be allowed once submitted.

For any queries please email:

Terms & Conditions:

Below are Royale Fest Terms and Conditions, which you must agree to in order to trade at Royale Fest 2024. No guarantee is provided against inclement weather.


  1. The decision to undertake a stall at Royale Fest is purely at the stallholder’s own risk and under no circumstances will the stall fee be refunded.

  2. All payments must be made in full within 7 days of receiving your initial quote unless agreed by Royale Eventz Management Team.

  3. You must trade within the allocated space/area and must not encroach outside your designated space/area. If found in doing this, management have the right to enforce charges to be paid immediately or will cease the stall from trading completely from the event without a refund. Relocation of your stall will not be allowed.

  4. You will keep your stall area clean at all times, and at the end of the Festival you will remove any waste from your stall area. Stalls will be checked at the end of the Festival. Failure to do this will result in further charges being enforced which you will be liable to pay.

  5. You must observe all Health and Safety measures when using electricity/gas as fuel for cooking. All food stallholders must wear hats, beard nets and scarves to cover their hair.

  6. You must bring your own power for all equipment you will use at the stall. You will not be allowed to trade if you need power over and above your specifications. In that situation, the stall fee will not be refunded, as you have not complied with your own specifications. WE DO NOT PROVIDE ANY POWER.

  7. You are required to have your own insurance liability for public and damage/theft of any of your equipment and Royale Eventz will not accept any liability for any public injury and damages/theft.

  8. If you intend to be a food stallholder then you must provide evidence of being licensed for Food, Health and Hygiene by your own Council. You must provide certificate to prove that you are licensed to trade as a food stallholder. If you do not provide a valid document then you will not be permitted to trade.

  9. If you intend to be a food stallholder then you must comply with specifications in the enclosed Food Hygiene Advice Sheet produced by Luton Council’s Environmental Health Division. Failure to do so will mean that you will not be permitted to trade.

  10. You must specify clearly the goods you intend to sell on your stall. This will allow Royale Eventz management to ensure that undue competition between stalls is prevented. You must trade within your definition of goods to be sold.

  11.  No glass bottles or sharp objects will be allowed on the stall. All drinks must be supplied in plastic bottles. Any knives or utensils you intend to use for food preparation purposes must be kept away safely from public access.

  12. Cooking equipment including open barbecues etc should not be readily accessible, especially to young children. The layout of the stall should be such that contact with hot surfaces is difficult. Warning signage may be necessary.

  13. In the event of a complaint, please report to the Festival Operations Centrel on-site during the event; or to the contact details provided. 

  14. You must provide your own extension leads (maximum 50 metres in length) for feeding power to your equipment from the sockets provided for your stall. All electric cabling used by stallholders for equipment must be suitable for use outdoors. Each extension lead must have RCD (Residual Current Device) protection.

  15. If your stall requires extra power, you will have to provide your own diesel generator at your own cost. 

  16. Petrol generators will not be allowed onto the site.

  17. You will be issued with a vehicle pass that should be clearly displayed on your vehicle’s windscreen allowing you to enter and leave the festival site. No stallholder vehicles will be allowed to move around the site only during the loading and unloading periods. Outside of these periods movement will be strictly prohibited and vehicles must remain parked of site.

  18. Access to Royale Fest for putting up your stall will be allowed between 7:00am and 10:30am each day. Strictly, no vehicles will be allowed in after 10:30am.

  19. You must provide proper stock to last one day, and not have to feed your stall with any extra stock during the day. If you do have additional stock you will need to carry it from your vehicle to your stall.

  20. Each stallholder must specify the number of people required to serve from their stall.

  21. In the event of rain, wind or other perils during the day, you must provide your own covers etc. to protect your goods.

  22. You are not allowed to keep or display any politically or religiously provoking or controversial literature/material at your stall.

  23. No refunds will be given after payment is made unless 7 days notice of stall cancellation is given by you before the event of which you will eligible for a partial discount.

  24. There will be no refund if you do not make any money at the event.

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